Och, Aye!


So, the SNP want independence: Let ’em go, says I.

The Jocks think that they’ll be better off if they’re independent, but maybe they should think it through…

Salmond is relying on the money he’d get from the tariffs on gas from the North Sea and via the pipes from the mainland, but why should they benefit? We paid to develop it and so should keep control of the oil and gas fields (let them have a 12 mile limit…) and sell or rent the oil and gas terminals to them. If they get pissy about it, run a few diverter pipes down the coast. I’m sure the Geordies wouldn’t mind a few gas terminals…

Oh, and move the R.A.F. out of Lossiemouth.

Sell them the power generation capacity that we paid to develop and assign them a chunk of the National Debt proportional to how much we’ve invested in them as opposed to how much they’ve invested in us.

Cutting off all the subsidies we pay them and repatriating all the illegal immigrants from Scotland would save us a bob or two and ease up the English job situation as well…

Scotland would probably do well as an independent country, but why give them a leg up at our expense?  Maybe they could reactivate the ‘Auld Alliance’.  Sarkozy for Scottish President?


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