A summer to remember (but not necessarily for the right reasons…)

It’s been, as they say, a ‘funny old year’ (so far). It started off miserable, cold and wet, became hot and dry for weeks and weeks, and now has turned back to more typically British summer weather (i.e. cool and damp). Once more, the threat of imposing a hosepipe ban worked its magic and rain arrived suspiciously quickly…

Brexit staggers on (will we/won’t we get a ‘deal’). Now it’s got to the state where some ministers say “no problem..” while others are announcing what steps to take if (when?) we don’t. Several leading ‘Brexiteers’ have quit the cabinet (or been given the elbow) because no-one can agree on how to make the EU play ball – or even if we want them to. If I were the EU, I’d be quite happy to slam the door on the UK: after all, no-one likes a quitter! Especially an arrogant quitter who keeps telling everyone how the EU cannot possibly manage without us, and demands that they grant us everything we want while we remain free to ignore everything they want. Negotiation, anyone?

NK’s Kim seems to have been all bluster, and Don’s saying “Boo!” has made him back down from his grandiose plans to become a major nuclear power. Maybe the whole deal was just a con, to make NK feel important. More likely, the Chinese had a quiet word…

Earlier in the year (much earlier) we visited Cyprus. Very nice: warm and dry when the UK was anything but, and stuffed with interesting wildlife. However, it was a bit of a surprise when it was pointed out to us that one of the nearest neighbours was Syria… Oo-er! Still, after four-and-a-half hours on a plane, we should have realised that we weren’t local any more… It’s the furthest east we’ve ever travelled (apart from NZ, which is a whole different ball game!) but we’d definitely go there again. After all: they speak English!

So, there you go. With luck, it won’t be quite so long before my next post (yeah, yeah…).

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