Drama Queens…

When I received my diagnosis, I decided to distance myself from the local drama group as I felt that I wouldn’t be able to give it my full attention(!)

Hence I quietly withdrew my services and retreated to the (relative) obscurity of my own home.

Things went quiet for just over a year, and the group successfully produced ‘Old Actors Never Die (They simply lose the plot)’ without me (boo!) and the current production seemed to be proceeding in the slightly haphazard way that these things do.  Some mug had taken over my Secretarial role and another had stepped into my regular tech job as sound engineer.  I was lying back contemplating a quiet future when SWMBO mentioned that there were ‘issues’.

Firstly, one of the new committee was publicly rubbishing the play being produced.  Generally, there’s an unwritten rule with amateur drama groups: they’re (sort of) democratic. Once the group chooses a play and starts to produce it,  then, as a member, you have two choices: put up, and leave (permanently or temporarily) or shut up and just carry on without whinging.  Constantly harping on about how crap a particular play (that’s currently in production) is, is definitely NOT playing the amdram game.

Secondly, the entire technical side was looking a bit ‘flaky’: No rehearsals so far had had sound effects, and the new sound tech suddenly dropped out due to personal issues.

Hence the Director asked me to step in…

There’s something rather edifying to discover that, as an egomaniacal narcissist, you really are indispensable…

So: hey, ho, and off to work we go!

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