I’m still here: is there anyone out there?

Good grief: it’s a whole year since my last post (well, technically, a year less a day)…

Quite a lot has happened out there in the wide world – quite a lot of it not too good:

  • The Arab Spring has degenerated in quite a few countries to the (if I may say so) usual internecine warfare.
  • Lots of people are still dying unnecessarily, through disease, starvation and war, but the world population is still expanding.
  • The Americans are still trying to tell the rest of the world how to live their lives while being unable (or unwilling) to address their own internal issues: inequality, internecine wrangling, more guns than people etc. etc.
  • The Russians and the Chinese are still trying to rebuild their historical Empires (called ‘spheres of influence’ nowadays, I understand…).

Still, hey, at least we had a nice summer in the UK!

I’ve just got back from a fun holiday in Tuscany.  How the other half live, indeed, and now it’s time to hunker down and prepare for a winter of industrial disruption, fuel shortages and all the other joys of a ‘free market economy’.  Hey Ho.  It’ll soon be Christmas…

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