More on the CR-V and welcome to Greenflag

So, after several weeks, we got the word that the CR-V was fixed.  It was going to cost us a smidge under £1K.  Eek!

Drove up to Colchester in the ‘2nd car’ and collected CR-V.  All seemed well.  Off to the Smoke for a weekend at Brett’s workshop.  Back to Colchester.  Took CR-V out shopping.  Problem returned!

Took CR-V back to garage.  Several hours while they changed the glow plugs.  Problem fixed – for now!  The dearest glow-plugs in history…

We’ve dumped the RAC and gone to Green Flag.  Why?  After 30 years of thinking that RAC recovery would return our broken-down car to the destination of our choice, we discovered from the RAC ‘support’ line that they’d only take it to the nearest garage.  What a con!

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