Spring has boinged… And the birds are tweeting.

Yes, it’s spring again, and the Chaffinches are squabbling.  After the rather dreadful winter (spiced up by regular invasions of rats driven to desperation by the cold – they loved our compost heap – and the little gifts I left them…) life is slowly returning to the garden: this morning, the regular 2 pairs of Chaffinches, a smattering of over-wintering Blue- Great- and Coal-Tits and the resident Robins and Blackbirds were supplemented by swift raids from Woodies, Collared Doves, Starlings and – relatively new in my pocket-sized garden – Jackdaws.  These latter have discovered that, by hanging on to a twig with one foot and a hanging fat ball with the other, they can shred the little green plastic net wrapper and make off with the whole thing!  I’ll have to rescue my peanut feeder and stick the balls in there – I’d like to see them pinch that!

The down-side of spring is that I’ll have to gird up my loins and finish the patio, trim the shrubs, clear the ivy…  And – the ultimate chore – sort out the shed.

The new conservatory is slowly becoming usable as the solar gain increases (next year, I’ll turn the under-floor heating on, but it’s not worth it at the moment…) so it’s almost time for a spring clean.  Kathy had asked us if she could use it to keep some of her furniture while she was renting, but she’s not come back to us so, if the next 2 weeks pass without a delivery, we’ll have to go and visit a furniture shop to kit it out.

Readers (if any!) may have noticed a long gap from my last post.  I admit it: I’m not a dedicated blogger, but I promise to try harder.

So, what else is happening?  Not much.  Mo is still beavering away madly.  I’m not!  But this may change very soon, as we’ve bought some (really cheap) web-site creation software and have discovered why it’s cheap!  Hence, I’m having to ‘tune’ it to get it to work properly – at least I’ve managed to get it to install now, but I have to go in and customise it and correct the somewhat idiosyncratic aspects of function and language.  Happy hacking…

I’ll stop now as it’s lunch time.  CUsoon.

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