The Long Bore of the Law

So I’ve been there, done that, didn’t bother with the tee-shirt.

I have now officially done my ‘duty’ and been a juror for the weekend.  What a bore… What a chore…

The first week was sort of OK as we only had to attend tof two mornings.  Monday we sat around for about four hours before being told that ‘our’ case had been postponed for a month  (it turned out that the accused had been suspected of witness tampering so the postponement was so this could be investigated).

Sent home, back Wednesday.

Wednesday sat around for three hours before being told that a witness had withdrawn, the CPS had downgraded the charges and the defendents had changed their plea to guilty.  Sent home ’till Monday. Ho, hum…

Monday/Tuesday, we got a case:   Not proven.

Wednesday off.

Thursday/Friday, another case: not proven.

And that was that.  Two cases that probably should never have got to court.  Why do the CPS waste our time with these relatively petty offenses?

Not a very edifying experience…

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